TEMS is an open source software that keeps track of times and expenses by projects and accounts. It is

  • simple and straightforward
  • built on a stable technology
  • light enough to run it from any server
  • scalable to your business needs
  • secured to protect your information
  • accessible (web-based) from any place
  • multilingual

Time tracking:

TEMS keeps track of times by projects, accounts, activities, task types, detail descriptions, internal memos, and many more information for each employee and contractor.


Expense tracking:

TEMS tracks every details of expenses incurred by your employees and contractors by project and account, and produces comprehensive weekly expense report. It also calculates the mileage automatically.




You can manage the prime and sub-contract arrangements without giving all details to your employees or contractors. TEMS hides all financial information and other confidential data from the regular user and make it easy for them to use it. TEMS generates accurate and timely invoices.

Who can use it?

Whether you freelance or run a small business, tracking times and expenses, calculating mileage and sending accurate invoices in timely manner to your customers are extremely important accounting tasks of your business. TEMS is ideal for professionals who bill their customers on time and material basis, like consulting companies, lawyers, and accountants etc.

TEMS is absolutely free and supported by a large community. We encourage you to see our sandboxfirst and downloadit.