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Version 2 is released

TEMS version 2 was released on February 23, 2012. TEMS Version 2 simplifies many setup and configurations, allows you to bill based on the job type and special rates (such as serving in the weekend or night for a special rate). You may do job costing for government projects and billing.

TEMS in Dutch

TEMS is available in Dutch language from version 2.

Thanks to our contributor Ben Leuverink for providing the Dutch translation of the entire application.

The single installation of TEMS will appear in different languages based on users preprefernce. 


TEMS in Italian

You can use TEMS in Italian language. Fabiano Gazza has transtaled the entire application in Italian. The single instance of TEMS will appear in different languages based on logged-in users preference of language. Currently it serves in English and Italian. More languages will come soon.

TEMS is a community project. If you want to help us transalting in another language, please contact us.

History of Tems

When we started our company Initechs in 2005 we searched for time and expense management system, paid or free, Client-Server or Web-based, Hosted or SaaS (This term was not made at that time). We found a lot of software, we tried a few of them with an expectation that one of these will give us the basic functionalities that we are looking for. Our demand was not unique!